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Ableism in Atheism Anonymous #8

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Do you consider yourself to be a person with a disability?


Have you (or do you personally know someone who has) felt out-of-place or limited your involvement with an atheist community because of disability-related situations?


What steps could atheist communities take to become more inclusive?

only schedule meetups at guide-dog friendly locations.

The above is response #8 from theĀ Ableism in Atheism survey.

This is actually something I haven’t thought of, but a very good idea. Within the USA, guide dogs are allowed anywhere their human owners are allowed, by law (it’s part of the ADA). In other countries, some places may very well be allowed to refuse access to service animals. That doesn’t mean that every place is friendly for dogs, however. Places which are cramped or have no place for a dog do hir business aren’t as welcoming. Also, keep in mind that service animals are not just for blind people, but also for any number of disabilities, including invisible ones (such as epilepsy).