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An Example of Ableism in Atheism

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Cartoon of poorly-dressed man vs well-dressed man, described below.

Image: comparing a “crazy person” talking about alien mind control with a “moral pillar of society” talking about Christianity, both validating their beliefs with faith over evidence.
Text: This isn’t the truth. You wish it were, but it’s not. Stop deluding yourself. You know the “crazy person” [as depicted] lives in poverty to the point he can’t afford a sandwich, let alone proper healthcare. “The crazy person” lives in fear of the police and faces brutal treatment from most because they think he’s “lazy” and just doesn’t want to work. He’s treated like scum. “The Moral Pillar of Society” is just some jackass who wants to feel superior, just like the jackass who uses the misunderstood medical conditions of those who can’t defend themselves as an insult against those he doesn’t like and/or agree with.

(via Schizophrenic Queen on Facebook)


Written by The Nerd

July 7, 2012 at 3:00 pm

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