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Ableism in Atheism Anonymous #51

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Do you consider yourself to be a person with a disability?


Have you (or do you personally know someone who has) felt out-of-place or limited your involvement with an atheist community because of disability-related situations?


Any other thoughts about ableism and atheism?

I support efforts like this one to address unjust privilege—such as ableist privilege, male privilege, class privilege, and white privilege—in atheist communities. I have not witnessed ableism in atheist circles, but I’m well aware that that’s at best weak evidence to support the notion that it doesn’t exist here. I hope atheists who are concerned about ableism in our ranks continue to make their case openly and prominently.

Response #51 from the Ableism in Atheism survey.


Written by The Nerd

June 3, 2012 at 12:00 pm

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