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Ableism in Atheism Anonymous #35

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Do you consider yourself to be a person with a disability?


Have you (or do you personally know someone who has) felt out-of-place or limited your involvement with an atheist community because of disability-related situations?


Any other thoughts about ableism and atheism?

I work with the Disabled Students Program at UCSB, so I’m perhaps a little more aware of ADA issues than most people. When I notice accessibility issues with websites I try to inform someone. On occasion I have transcribed the textual images or short audio/video clips in comment forums, and had had people express that they are deaf or blind and rely on things like that.

I think it’s yet another area of privilege. Most people don’t mean to make things difficult for disabled, but are just not aware of the issues. I routinely remind businesses that they cannot block the sidewalk with their signs. Real Estate agents are the worst, and often have to simply be referred to the city’s code enforcement division.

Response #35 from the Ableism in Atheism survey.


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